Chasing Waterfalls

When I think about what my priorities are in life, one word sticks out at the moment and that is “Adventure”. Exploring our local area, adventures through our beautiful country and whenever we can – heading overseas to experience the world. Above all else, this is what I want in my life. 

And more and more I’m seeing our beautiful NZ environment as the place that brings the most happiness. So even on a grey overcast summer day, we headed out in search of new adventures.


^^This one would stay inside and play dolls all day but when she actually gets outside her imagination goes wild and she loves to explore. 


Every time we have a fun adventure, it inspires me to create more. So this year my goal is to have an adventure day every week…at least. 

Let’s take the time we have with our children to show and to teach them the wonders of the world and let their imagination and creativity sparkle. After all, they have forever to be inside the walls of a classroom but only as short few years every day can be spent being an explorer.


Where: Omeru Falls, Kaukapakapa. 45 minutes drive from Auckland. Picnic areas, swimming holes and waterfalls down a short walk.