this year is going be amazing. actually, last year was pretty damn good too. but why not try and top that? 

my goals for 2018 are quite simple:

  • more adventures starting with exploring more places in this beautiful city. 
  • more creativity for myself, for my daughter and for my amazing clients (if I do work for you, look out, I’m super inspired this year!)  
  • more time to try new things, to spend with friends & family, for me. 
  • more calm this is super hard with a busy toddler but where I can I’ll be incorporating small rituals into our lives to encourage a peaceful home environment + more yoga for me! 
  • less stuff because it’s time to start savings for more overseas adventures + decluttering feels SO good. 

And of course this blog is the perfect place to to keep me accountable to share how I’m tracking with all of these things!

The last weekend of 2017 was spent enjoying bush walks, secluded waterhole swims, exploring new beaches and a whole lot of family time. i’m planning on continuing that vibe into the new year.

happy new year.

x Kelly