A conscious life.

Maybe having a child makes you more aware of the world that you are raising them in, and of the example that you want to set for them. Because it’s only in the last year that I’ve really thought about these kinds of things.Β 

I want to be one of ‘those people’ who has a package less pantry, starts each morning with yoga, makes their own superfood treats + smoothie bowls and swears by natural cleaning products. However moving towards a fully green, healthy and conscious lifestyle is more than overwelming especially when the demands of a toddler leave little headspace to think about a routine overhaul.


But once you actually get there I don’t think it’ll be a hard lifestyle to maintain, so I am promising myself to start small and work towards constantly bettering myself and my family.

So this is my challenge to myself, and here’s my little (and some big!) goals in this area:

  • Eating more plant based meals.
  • Choosing one or two causes and making an effort to give back.
  • Swap to natural cleaners.
  • Including more superfoods and functional foods in our diets.
  • Making yoga a priority. It doesn’t need to be everyday but it needs to happen.
  • Taking part in a volunteer programme overseas (I have two that I really want to do!)


On this same note, we actually did a rubbish pick-up walk around our PlayCentre the other week and now my 2 year old always asks “Why is there rubbish on the ground? Do we have gloves? Can we pick it up?” so already she’s conscious about where rubbish shouldn’t be. So yes, we will do more rubbish pick ups!

I’ll keep sharing our journey because I’ve already found some amazing products, recipes and other eco-friendly ideas that I’m excited to try out and share here!

x Kelly